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Terms & Conditions

The Sorority Rush Course and all other products offered by “The Sorority Sister” are designed to provide participants with valuable insights, guidance, and preparation for the sorority recruitment process. However, it is essential to understand and acknowledge the following limitations and conditions:

  • Non-Guarantee of Sorority Bid: The Sorority Rush Course and The Sorority Sister, LLC do not, under any circumstances, guarantee or promise participants a bid to any specific sorority or any sorority at all. The course is intended to enhance participants’ understanding of the recruitment process, improve their presentation skills, and provide information about the sorority experience. The ultimate decision regarding sorority membership rests solely with individual sororities and their respective recruitment committees.
  • Panhellenic Silent Period: Participants should be aware that during the panhellenic silent period at the University of Texas, communication between “The Sorority Sister” (referred to as Audrey) and any course members may be restricted or limited in accordance with panhellenic rules and regulations. Audrey’s active status as a member of the sorority may require compliance with such rules during this designated period.
  • No Substitution for Panhellenic Rules: The Sorority Rush Course is not a substitute for adherence to any university or panhellenic rules, regulations, and policies. Participants must independently comply with all applicable guidelines set forth by the university and the panhellenic council, including but not limited to, recruitment protocols, eligibility requirements, and codes of conduct.
  • Individual Outcomes Vary: The success of participants in sorority recruitment is subject to a variety of factors, including personal qualities, compatibility with sororities, and the overall competitive nature of the recruitment process. “The Sorority Sister” does not control or influence individual sorority decisions and cannot predict or guarantee specific outcomes for participants.
  • Non-Personalized Sorority Affiliation: While the Sorority Rush Course provides general advice and guidance, it does not provide personalized recommendations or endorsements for specific sororities. Participants should make their membership decisions based on their own preferences, values, and interactions during the recruitment process.
  • No Legal or Binding Commitments: Participation in the Sorority Rush Course does not establish any legal or binding commitments between participants and “The Sorority Sister.” The course is intended for educational purposes only and does not create any contractual obligations beyond the terms outlined in the course materials.

By enrolling in the Sorority Rush Course, participants acknowledge and accept these disclaimers, recognizing that the course is not a guarantee of sorority affiliation, and that Audrey’s communication during the panhellenic silent period may be limited. Participants are encouraged to seek further information, advice, and guidance from official university and panhellenic sources to ensure a comprehensive understanding of sorority recruitment procedures and regulations.

The Sorority Sister may change these Terms & Conditions from time to time at The Sorority Sister sole discretion.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding the Sorority Rush Course and its Terms & Conditions, please contact “The Sorority Sister” at thesororitysisterrushguide@gmail.com.